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The Phoenix Knows, and So Do You

Updated: May 13, 2022

I choose to dub the members of my power circle ‘Phoenixes’ because the mythical bird has so so so many bad-ass traits in all spheres of its life cycle. One of them is that it just knows.

You see, the Phoenix just knows when it’s time has come to transform. It just knows when it’s time to burn some shit down, burn some shit up, and set itself ablaze.

It just knows when it’s time to set itself on fire so that all the toxins, the unnecessary old non-serving beliefs, thoughts, energy, old running tapes, negativity and limitations are burned up and released. In other words, it’s important to release that ish so that it can manifest its new self.

It is my belief and conviction that every woman has this knowing within them.

The most powerful evidence of this in my life is when I left my abuser. I was in a DV relationship at a very young age and was with this person for a few years. I was plagued with all of the symptoms we know of an abused woman. I lost confidence, all of my self-worth, all of my self-dignity and respect, self-trust, and identity. I melted into what my partner wanted me to be, but that was ever changing, and I was never enough. I would never be enough, a truth that it took me years to come to grips with. I was broken in every way. My finances, my mental state, my external relationships, my relationship with myself, my relationship with the Divine, my sanity… all broken. And the worst thing for me is that I had settled into this way of being. I settled.

But one morning, I knew.

One morning I had an internal knowing, a knowing that was not generated from my intellect. It was a knowing that was not generated from my rational self. It was not generated from external stimulus. It was generated from my heart, from my spirit, from my inner/core self. I distinctly heard/felt in my body and spirit - It Is Time. And it was. It was time for me to burn some shit up and set myself on fire. I grabbed everything I chose to keep owning and threw it in a garbage bag, leaving everything else behind. And for the final time, I walked out. The Phoenix within me knew. The Phoenix within you knows too. You know when it's time to burn some ish up and transform.

You know when it's time to burn some ish up and transform.

Since then, I have realized that there is so much stuff that I have to burn up in order to release my true, organic, authentic, natural, magnificent self. I have to continuously burn up old beliefs given to me about life, about myself, about men, about others. I have to continuously set matches to expectations given to me by patriarchal systems, religion and traditions. I have to continuously ignite toxic, limiting, shrinking vocabulary and behaviors so that I can continuously regenerate and be reborn. I am relentlessly and consistently releasing that ish, so that I can manifest my ish.

I believe there’s a Phoenix in every woman. You are a Phoenix.

That’s my North Star and it is my life work, my mission, my passion and joy to bring it out of you. I only ask that the woman I work with be willing and ready.

  • Are you willing and ready to transform?

  • Are you ready and willing to set the things that don’t serve you or your purpose on fire?

  • Are you ready to ignite your passion, your mission, your light, your story, your finances, your relationships and take them to their regenerated level?

  • Are you ready to discover just how much Phoenix there is in you?

I’m inviting you to join my Release That Ish Power Circle, today. Let me get you started and support you each step of the way with tips, tools, tricks, methods, information, and accelerated transformation opportunities, and lots of love. I’m ready to receive you if you’re ready to come in.

I'm La Toya, wife of 20 years, mother of 3, lover of pizza, sweet wine, and traveling. Probably the most passionate inner-power, Life Coaches you'll ever know. I'm here to help you find your inner phoenix, know yourself, love yourself, trust yourself, and be your most truest, powerful self. If you feel alignment, let's chat!

#healingfromsexualassault #identity #igniteyourlife #trauma

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