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How to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do

I hear it all the time. I’ve said it. You’ve said it. You’ve heard your aunt and your best friend say it. If you’re having any meaningful conversations over the next 10 days, you’ll hear it.

“I’ve always wanted to play the piano.” “I always wanted to take dance lessons.” “I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish.” “Man, I’ve always wished I could…” - fill in the blank.

So… why? Why do you have these dreams and wishes? What causes one person to wish they could play the piano and another person to wish they could speak French?

There is a magic that is you, did you know that? Your DNA, your experiences, your story, your passions and your urks, your intentions, your talents and gifts, your qualities and capabilities, your vision and intuition, your calling and purpose… they all make up the unrepeatable magic of you. And the magic of you includes your desires. You see a desire to play the piano is not just to press a key of ivory and hear a sound come out. That desire, to make music, is to move emotions and sensations in your body. It’s to sync emotions with stories and experiences. It’s to help people feel. It’s to help people communicate. It’s to help people express and internalize. It’s to spread and connect with light, and love, and sorrow, and healing. It’s to transmute energy that transforms and elevates humanity. And it is no different for the other desires of your heart. Your desires have meaning. Your desires, however small or trivial they may seem in your mind, are with purpose.

Your desires, however small or trivial they may seem in your mind, are with purpose.

What happens when that desire/purpose goes unfulfilled?


What happens when that purpose goes unfulfilled? You deprive yourself of the joy that you deserve. You rob yourself of a sense of fulfillment that you are worthy of. When you give yourself the joy and fulfillment that you deserve and are worthy of, you light the hell up. You feel the light-energy in you. You have more energy for your relationships, your creativity, your goals, your health, and just life. You sleep better. You are calmer and blow up less. You have more energy to play with your children and more tolerance for when they break yet another glass.

Please hear me clearly: giving yourself space to fulfill the simple desires of your heart makes you a better person. And there doesn’t need to be any shame, guilt, or apologies about putting yourself first. When you put yourself first, you have more to give to others. Don’t believe me?

Imagine this with me. You have a lovely tea pot. It’s gorgeous and doesn’t burn your hand when you go to pour the hot water. You love this thing. It has served your family for ages. On this particularly cold day, you have been making a lot of tea for the family. And in the evening, you turn on the fire to boil the remaining water. But there is one catch. There isn’t any water left. Unknowingly, you leave the tea pot on the stove. With no water to heat up, it is only heating up itself. What happens next? It begins to burn out itself. It begins to destroy itself. It is no longer able to serve others. It is no longer able to serve itself.

You get where I’m going with this right?

You are that tea pot. And life will throw all kinds of fires, i.e. challenges and adversities, in your way. In order to keep serving others, you must continually fill yourself. And if you want to serve others joyfully and with fulfillment, you will want to fill yourself with the things that actually bring you joy. What are those things? The desires of your heart. The little things that seemed trivial, but that “you’ve always wanted to do.”

My perfect soul, it’s time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, the things that bring you fulfillment and joy, the desires of your heart. It means a lot more than you think it does.

How do you do what you’ve always wanted to do?

  1. Reveal the truth about what you desire.

Make sure that this “always wanted to” item is actually your desire. Evaluate whether this is just something most people would love to do, or whether this is something your culture or tradition has always wanted you to do, or whether this is something your parents can live out through you, or whether this is something society says you should do, or is this something you genuinely desire to do?

Also, reveal the truth about why you haven’t done this thing yet? What do you believe? Do you believe that you can’t? You’re not smart enough or quick enough, or strong enough, or beautiful enough, or courageous enough… You can’t release and heal what you haven’t identified.

2. Release the blocks and beliefs that are stopping you from doing it.

Once you’ve identified the genuine desire of your heart and you’ve identified the belief/block, it’s time to release that *ish. It’s important that you release this negative, non-serving belief from your mind, your cells, your muscles, and your energy. It’s not enough to just say, I don’t believe that anymore. This is a belief that you’ve been acting on for years. You must engage in some release process. My favorite to use with my clients is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a.k.a. tapping. This is an amazing tool! It allows you to release this belief that doesn’t serve you anymore from your mind, your subconscious, your nervous system and your energy system. It’s a tool that you can learn, take with you wherever you go, and repeat it as much as you want, with anything you’re working on.

3. Regenerate the muscles that will take action.

Once you’ve identified, and you’ve released, it’s time to take action. Action affirms to your mind and body that you are serious. Action generates motivation and inspiration. It produces small victories for you to celebrate and build on. Action helps you believe that it is possible. The key is to take the next best step. Don’t take 100 steps. Don’t take 5 giant steps. Don’t plan out the next 1000 steps. Just immediately take the next easy and best step. This will set you up for success. And success breeds success. Learn one word. Call one teacher. Research 3 options to send an email to. Read one blog. You get the picture. As soon as you finish reading this blog, take one step.

Reveal. Release. Regenerate.

Breathe new life into your vessel.

Expand your horizon.

Elevate your consciousness.

Be your most powerful and extraordinary self.

I believe in you.

Sending you much love and power, always.

Your Inner Power Coach,

La Toya

If you would like to know more about my 7C’s of Inner Power and Manifesting program that can support you and take you step by step into knowing and loving yourself again, you can schedule a Revelation Call here.

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