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  • Deep diving into what will propel you forward

  • Unearthing your strengths, power, and specialties

  • Unearthing and strengthening your inner-knowing

  • Rediscovering your purpose and passions

  • Reconnecting to the core of your authority and securities

  • Developing your genuine happiness and peace


By releasing the shit that no longer serves you...period!

  • Untruths from your past

  • Non-aligned expectations from family/culture/religion/etc.

  • Limiting beliefs and behaviors

  • F.E.A.R.s that keep you stagnant

  • Misunderstandings of who you are

  • Stagnant and blocked energy in your body and whatever else that surfaces as we unearth...


This is for you if:

  • You really desire to uproot the triggers and emotional baggage that keep you from living your best life.

  • You have a good sense of what your triggers are (we’ll discover together the root causes).

  • You accept strong, yet nurturing accountability because you’re serious about forward movement.

  • You desire to activate and wield the power pulsing within you.

  • You’ve tried other conventional/clinical methods and didn’t get the results you want (or you just don’t want that route).

  • You are willing to try new methods and modalities to uproot and clear out the stuff that no-longer serves your purpose.


Phoenix Rising 1:1 is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You desire to just manage your issues and stay in the state you are in.

  • You are not willing to do the work. (You must want your freedom as much as I want it for you).

  • You are interested in short-term relief and temporary patching up (I can refer you out for that).

  • You’re not sure if you want to be free from what’s sabotaging your life (I’ll show you the how, I just need you to have the will).

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" Coach LaToya has been gently coaching me for more than five years in different capacities. Every session with her is a mutual and divine experience, that I will always treasure. One of my most memorable sessions with her was when she requested that I sit in the seat of my Divine Authority and from that seat I would command my truths to take form in the earth. I learned that my decision making should come through my inner authority and that to make the correct decisions I needed to use my divine truths and my body’s intelligence to navigate my situations.


She taught me that it is important to understand that I cannot get to my correct authority or decision making without first being correct in my own aura and strategy- which is how we are designed to meet life. Sitting in the seat of my authority has taught me that I do not need to go get anything. What I need is already inside of me, and when I practice listening to my inner authority, I can align myself physically, spiritually, and energetically with my life’s path.


I love every single session because she activates the light codes within me, and I am such a better friend, mommy, wife, and human because of the work that we do together. She is not only a coach, but an orator and fractal of light sent from the Divine. My life is always, always, always illuminated after sharing space with her.

Book her. You won't regret it! "

Dr. T.H.

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