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7 Ways to Overcome Toxic Relationships

  • Identifying Toxic Relationships/Connections

  • 7 Ways to elevate your inner Power after a toxic connection

Maybe you’re reading this blog because you’ve been in a toxic relationship and you definitely know that you are feeling the after effects. Maybe you have a good friend or family member that has been in a toxic relationship and you really want to help them. Maybe you’re still wondering if that interaction, relationship, connection was toxic after all? Because, what qualifies as toxic anyway?

What is a toxic connection?

The dictionary defines toxic as very harmful or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way. Which brings me to my first message: No one gets to define what was toxic for you. No one gets to say how insidious or pervasive an interaction, relationship, or connection actually was. Do you know who gets to define it? YOU DO! Don’t downplay your emotions and feelings, your nerves and goosebumps, the stomach turning and the loss of sleep and appetite. Your body, emotions, mind, and energy work together to alert you to toxicity. You are super powerful in this way. So, the preparation stage is to really get in touch with yourself and to really develop a deeper trusting of yourself. Trust yourself to identify toxic connections and experiences right away. You are worthy of believing.

These 7 tools will only enhance your ability to know, trust, and believe in yourself. However, fair warning: The 7 Cs of Inner Power and Manifesting can only help you if you activate them. They can only elevate you if you take the steps.

Let’s go.

1. Compassion to Self

While it’s common to do some self-blame, to judge yourself a little for the blindspots, and sometimes even to punish or self-sabotage a little, the healing, the transformation, the forward movement, the elevation, the indescribable sense of peace and freedom really begins to kick in when you engage in self-compassion. Not self-care, self compassion. Speaking love to yourself, feeling love towards yourself, forgiving yourself, celebrating and releasing yourself. Compassion to self elevates your inner power.

2. Clarity

Toxic connections can threaten to cloud our judgment, our discernment and our direction. They can cause us to doubt ourselves and question our paths. This is common because we are built to be synergetic, to exchange each other’s energy. It’s ultra important then to get back to owning our clarity. We can really focus on reconnecting with our authentic selves, with our higher power, and with our hearts. We can focus on reconnecting with our purpose and our desired legacy on this earth. When we realign our focus, our attention and our energy, we can trust and own our inner clarity again. Wielding your clarity elevates your inner power.

3. Conviction

Toxic connections sometimes challenge everything we’ve ever thought we knew. They challenge our beliefs and our truths. And when our beliefs and our truths shift, so do our behavior and our trajectory. You can take back control. It is your superpower to recreate, redefine, and reshape your beliefs, truths, behaviors, and trajectory. Conviction is foundational to that reconstruction. What you know that you know that you know serves as the foundation. It’s super important that you rebuild your conviction. Conviction elevates your inner power.

4. Confidence

Confidence is the gold of interactions, manifesting, negotiating, and winning. Toxic connections can cause our confidence in our abilities and qualities to be shaken. This affects the way we show up in the world. It affects the way we walk, posture, the timber in our voices, our gaze, and our ability to push back a little when we need to, just to give an idea. Building back your confidence is the key to opening so many doors. Confidence elevates your inner power astronomically.

5. Consistency

Consistency doesn’t seem like it would have much to do with healing from and moving forward from a toxic connection. Yet, it’s the consistency in the “what” that is relevant here. It’s not being consistent in keeping appointments, or saying your affirmations, or following your meal plan or reaching out to clients, although those things help your success rate a great deal. This consistency is soul consistency. What is your commitment to your soul? How consistent are you in loving yourself? Trusting yourself? Believing in yourself? Having compassion with yourself? These are the building blocks of eternal, consequential, and transcending success. Rightly directed consistency elevates your inner power to heal and overcome.

6. Community

After toxic connections, it can be a little difficult to trust again. Ok, a lot of difficult to trust again. You may be thinking thoughts like: How can I trust another man again? My mom has said that before, so I find it hard to trust this woman. Everyone lies, so how can I trust? Maybe that toxic connection fed into a societal norm of mistrust, ‘all women are catty and can’t be trusted.’ But now, here, in the present, you have the choice. You have the power to change the messaging and false truths. You get to create your own positive truths that will then unlock a world of healing and uplifting connections and opportunities. There are really good people out there who will mutually fill you, support you, be aligned with your purpose, and love you unconditionally. They exist. You get to connect with them. Connecting with your aligned community elevates your inner power to heal and overcome.

7. Completion

At times, after a toxic connection, our power of completion can be blocked. We plan, execute, and do a lot of work, but when we get to the end, we just don’t complete the task. Others complete the task, but they don’t feel good after they’ve completed it. They have stories as to why they didn’t deserve it, or it wasn’t that great of an accomplishment, and why they shouldn’t enjoy or be proud of what they’ve accomplished. Who knew that this was a thing?! But it is, isn’t it? When we release some of the toxic leftovers from that kind of connection, we can begin to love the journey of the task, and enjoy the accomplishment of the task as well. You deserve to be proud of your accomplishments. You deserve to celebrate yourself and what you’ve done. You deserve joy, simply put. Joy in completion elevates you to a whole upper level of inner power.

These 7C’s of Inner Power and Manifesting are not linear or progressive. They are not necessarily easy or quick. But they are super powerful. They will help you accelerate your healing and transformation. The more you activate and habituate them in your life, the stronger, happier, and more grounded you will be. It may not be easy or quick, but it is possible.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the system I’ve created to help you activate and habituate the 7Cs of Inner Power and Manifesting in your life, visit latoyazavala.com/resurrection

I believe in you.

Sending you much love and power, always.

Your Inner Power Coach,

La Toya

If you would like to know more about my 7C’s of Inner Power and Manifesting program that can support you and take you step by step into knowing and loving yourself again, visit latoyazavala.com/resurrection

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