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Hey perfect, infinitely-expansive Soul!

Welcome to your transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment through Vedic astrology! I am super excited for you to experience the profound insights that a Vedic astrology birth chart reading can offer. I know what you’re thinking… What the hell? How does a prior missionary, minister, hard core Christian chaplain get into an ancient eastern astrological practice??? I couldn’t believe it myself. 


It’s a long story. But what I can tell you, is when I was introduced to Reiki and experienced such profound and holistic healing, my eyes, heart, and body was attuned to a much bigger world and a more expansive understanding of our souls, spiritual connections, and universal laws. I was wide opened, and when I was introduced to Vedic Astrology through a priestess circle I was a part of, I never looked back… Never! 

I do it differently though.


I know that many people shy away from Vedic chart readings because it has the reputation of pointing out the dark, the negative, and what all is lurking in the shadows more than any other type of soul path readings. I get it (and honestly, I'm all about it). And even though I'm all about getting into the shadows so that we can reconcile and then shine our light all the brighter, I do Vedic differently. Why?... I believe we have the power of the will, that our souls are here to clear some shit up (karma) and to ascend to the next level of our spiritual evolution. You can more easily do that when you see your patterns and have a lens into the deeper things your soul is here to clear up. It’s way more about this than predicting and forecasting and projecting. Who cares about the impending challenges and obstacles your soul came here to face and overcome if you don’t have the inner power and spiritual authority to affect your path and alter your reality. YOU are your soul’s captain. You are creator. You came here to clear some shit up and elevate. And I'm here to point out how you can best do that. So...Let’s do that. 

So what is it? At the heart of this ancient science lies the purpose of unraveling the cosmic blueprint imprinted on your soul at the moment of your birth. Vedic astrology, with its roots in the Vedas, provides a unique lens to understand the intricate dance between the celestial bodies and your individual destiny. By delving into the positions of the planets and their influence on your life, we unlock the secrets that hold the key to your purpose. Your identity is a tapestry woven with the threads of cosmic energies, and Vedic astrology acts as a skilled weaver, unraveling the patterns that shape who you are. Through this personalized exploration, you gain a deeper understanding of your true self – your strengths, weaknesses, and unique gifts. Embrace the power of self-awareness as a catalyst for growth and transformation.

Think about it, 12 constellations, 12 houses, 5 major planets, luminaries, shadow planets, combinations and positioning, and aspecting - infinite combinations and possibilities of cosmic blueprints!!! 

So how can you use this? 

Prosperity is not merely a material pursuit; it's a holistic alignment of your being with the cosmic energies. A Vedic astrology birth chart reading helps you navigate the ebbs and flows of life by revealing your inherent strengths and potential challenges. By understanding the cosmic forces at play, you can make informed choices that resonate with the rhythm of the universe, paving the way for abundance and fulfillment and dare I say it… YOUR MONEY!


Unlock the mysteries of your inner power  Vedic astrology serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path to harnessing your untapped potential. As you embrace your authentic self, you align

with the cosmic flow, unlocking doors to opportunities and success!

Your Vedic astrology birth chart is a roadmap to self-discovery, leading you towards a life filled with authenticity, prosperity, and inner power.

Embark on this cosmic journey with me, and let the stars reveal the magic within you. 

Book a Vedic astrology birth chart reading today and step into the empowering realm of self-discovery!

"Thank you LaToya for a powerful Vedic astrology session! I have been to a few astrology readers in the past and I have to say that your session provided the clarity which I did not get from past readings. Now, I understand myself better and know where my strengths lie. When life gets challenging, I can take comfort in the fact that these challenges are only temporary. I can also draw strength from acknowledging and understanding what my soul came here to do in this lifetime. My soul's mission is profound and I am all in for the awesome ride! Thank you for all you do.

Priscilla H.

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