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Subconscious Bullsh*t? No Thanks!

It is vitally important that you understand that there are subconscious and collective conscious reasons why you don’t see yourself as the unique, immeasurable, irreplaceable, being that you are.

It’s beyond cliches and affirmations.

It’s beyond memorized verses and community titles.

It’s beyond what you think you’re supposed to feel and who you’re supposed to say that you are.

This is about knowing who you actually are and what you are.

What’s keeping you from feeling it, knowing it, and trusting it is the absence of the opportunity to see yourself.

Let me explain.


We’ve always called my daughter ‘the queen.’ We tell her that she is a queen. We joke with each other that if she has a previous life, she was most definitely a queen. You should see her little face when she is speaking, requesting her desires, and walking with that knowing…

Which is why she shocked us one day when my husband was comparing her to a queen on the tv and she responded, ‘no, I’m not a queen.’ She said it bluntly, calmly, and matter of factly. My husband asked her why she would say that. And her answer caused him to lose sleep and cry over it.

She said,

“I’m not a queen because I am brown.”

Even as I type this, I feel the gut punch right in my solar plexus. Seriously. I feel it right now.

She had never seen a brown queen, a brown person of royalty, on the t.v. They call it modeling. She had never seen her true identity modeled.

Her 4-year old mind made a conclusion based on information fed to her conscious and subconscious by the collective conscious that never believed that brown people were deserving of their true royal identity.

So let me ask you,

  • What information has been fed to your conscious and subconscious by the collective conscious?

  • What are the bogus beliefs that were implanted between the ages of 0 and 7?

  • What experiences have you had that affirmed those bullshit beliefs?

  • Can you now identify the beliefs about yourself that are bullshit?

You know, there’s all kinds of collective conscious craziness out there, bogging down your mind and filling you with subliminal limitations.

  • Women are too emotional to lead.

  • Women can only be bitches or sluts to succeed.

  • Only “beautiful” women can succeed in this field.

  • Women don’t belong in that field.

  • Women aren’t as reliable because they will want families.

  • Women just aren’t as smart and don’t merit being paid equally.

  • Black people steal, kill, and destroy.

  • Hispanics are loud, gangsters, and drug dealers.

  • Your tradition and culture says that you are supposed to choose baking, or whatever, for your career.

  • Your religion says you cannot be ordained, so you’re “only worthy” of being the elder.

  • Your family has always had it hard and never made money. You won’t either.

  • Speak up, but not too loud.

  • Isn’t taking care of the home enough?

  • Being spiritual and humble means staying poor.

  • And on and on.

The collective conscious can come up with some stifling and suffocating trash that can keep you suppressed. It can come from any sub-level of the collective.

For your success, your personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, your connection to inner power and your purpose on this earth, it is vital that you identify the bullshit beliefs about yourself, weed them out, and install new ones.

My husband went on a hunt for brown women with crowns, who represent achievement, royalty, beauty, power, and confidence. When Julia saw the truth about herself, that she indeed can be royalty, or whatever the f*** she desires to be, she screamed and danced with happiness. She connected with her inner power again.

You must stay connected to your inner power. See yourself for who you truly are.

Here are some really simple steps to take to keep you connected.

  1. Scout out the models that represent something of the essence of who you are.

  2. Scout out that person who can see through the bullshit, and hold up the mirror for you.

  3. Install new beliefs, your beliefs, and seed them in your soul.

You are who you believe that you are.

And I believe in you.

Sending you much love and power,

Your Inner Power Coach,

La Toya

If you’re wanting more conversation, tips, tricks, hacks, recommendations, and opportunities for transformation and energy healing, join my facebook group, Release That Ish Power Circle. I lovingly welcome you in.

Sending you love and power,
La Toya
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