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Inner Power Coaching

The ULTIMATE 1:1 Coaching Experience for elevating your existence in purpose, power, and passion.  

6 Months of complete deliciousness!

​Deep diving into what will propel you forward

Unearthing your strengths, power, and specialties

Unearthing and strengthening your inner-knowing

Rediscovering your purpose and passions

Reconnecting to the core of your authority and securities

Developing your genuine happiness and peace


By releasing the shit that no longer serves you...period!

Untruths from your past

Non-aligned expectations from family/culture/religion/etc.

Limiting beliefs and behaviors

F.E.A.R.s that keep you stagnant

Misunderstandings of who you are

Stagnant and blocked energy in your body

and whatever else that surfaces as we unearth...

This is for you if:

  • You really desire to uproot the triggers and emotional baggage that keep you from living your best life

  • You have a good sense of what your triggers are (we’ll discover together the root causes)

  • You accept strong, yet nurturing accountability because you’re serious about forward movement

  • You desire to activate and wield the power pulsing within you

  • You’ve tried other conventional/clinical methods and didn’t get the results you want (or you just don’t want that route)

  • You are willing to try new methods and modalities to uproot and clear out the stuff that no-longer serves your purpose

You know it’s your time.

Phoenix Rising 1:1 is not for you if:

  • You desire to just manage your issues and stay in the state you are in

  • You are not willing to do the work. (You must want your freedom as much as I want it for you)

  • You are interested in short-term relief and temporary patching up (I can refer you out for that)

  • You’re not sure if you want to be free from what’s sabotaging your life (I’ll show you the how, I just need you to have the will)

Ready for a total transformation that will have you wondering who the hell that was in the mirror 6 months ago?

Book a free call and fill out the application so we can see if we're aligned. 

Self-Investment: $8500

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Elevated Reiki Experience

Exceptional Energy Healing

Clearing. Balancing. Activating.

Here, you will find a sacred, safe, and transformational space prepared specifically for you. 

You can expect 90 minutes of 

  • Focus on you, your story, where you've been, where you are, and where you would like to go.

  • Space for unfolding, revelations, direction, answers

  • Energy shifting in your mind, body, and spirit

  • Tools, exercises, practices to take with you for continued healing.

  • Renewed sense of peace, balance, grounding, and empowerment

  • When the space calls for it, EFT - Tapping, for an enhanced healing experience

Self-Investment: $150
*7 Session Experience Available

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Coach LaToya has been gently coaching me for more than five years in different capacities. Every session with her is a mutual and divine experience, that I will always treasure. One of my most memorable sessions with her was when she requested that I sit in the seat of my Divine Authority and from that seat I would command my truths to take form in the earth. I learned that my decision making should come through my inner authority and that to make the correct decisions I needed to use my divine truths and my body’s intelligence to navigate my situations.


She taught me that it is important to understand that I cannot get to my correct authority or decision making without first being correct in my own aura and strategy- which is how we are designed to meet life. Sitting in the seat of my authority has taught me that I do not need to go get anything. What I need is already inside of me, and when I practice listening to my inner authority, I can align myself physically, spiritually, and energetically with my life’s path.


I love every single session because she activates the light codes within me, and I am such a better friend, mommy, wife, and human because of the work that we do together. She is not only a coach, but an orator and fractal of light sent from the Divine. My life is always, always, always illuminated after sharing space with her.

Book her. You won't regret it!

Dr. Tashema Haynes, Quantum Doctor

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Transformational Speaking

Need a dynamic and powerful speaker for your upcoming event, workshop or retreat?

Consider working with me if you are looking for inspiration and motivation on steroids!


A taste of the topics I speak about:

Manifesting Your Worth

Release That *Ish! Let Go So You Can Let In 

How to Live That *IDGAF* Life

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