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  • Inner Power Coaching

    The ULTIMATE 1:1 Coaching Experience for elevating your existence in purpose, power, and passion.
    Valid for 6 months
    • 6 Months of complete deliciousness!
    • Deep diving into what will propel you forward
    • Unearthing your strengths, power, and specialties
    • Unearthing and strengthening your inner-knowing
    • Rediscovering your purpose and passions
    • Reconnecting to the core of your authority and securities
    • Developing your genuine happiness and peace
  • Elevated Reiki Experience

    Here, you will find a sacred, safe & transformational space prepared specifically for you. 90 min of
    Valid for 7 days
    • Focus on you, your story, where you've been, where you are
    • Space for unfolding, revelations, direction, answers
    • Energy shifting in your mind, body and spirit
    • Tools, exercises and practice to take with you for continue
    • A renewed sense of peace, balance, grounding & empowerment
  • Transformational Speaking

    LaToya is a dynamic, powerful, yet personal and interactive speakers.
    Valid for one month
    • Empowerment and long-lasting inspiration on steroids!
    • LaToya's expertise includes: Manifesting Your Worth
    • Transitioning From Your Comfortable Life to Your Badass Life
    • And Healing from and Leveraging Your Past.
Want a quick overview?

21 days


21 video lessons


2 EFT Tapping session


2 Visualization/Distant Reiki Sessions


4 PDF Throat Activation Guides


Support all along the way


Telegram Group with peer support and accountability

Week 1: Rock Solid Foundation for Transformation

Setting the foundation for healing that sticks.

Deprogramming historical and collective trauma and drama to your voice.

Activating the Reticular Activation System for your voice.

Healing Sessions

Week 2: Releasing and Activating Your Frequency

Working through the 7C’s of inner power and how to

activate them for the freedom of your voice.


Healing Session

Week 3: The Power Pieces to the Puzzle

What to do with Fears so that you can speak with freedom and power.


How to choose victory in your vocabulary.


The power in all of your expression.


Activating your creation power through your voice.


Maintenance for all the healing and transformation that has taken place.


Healing Session.

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