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Life coach

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Hey Goddess, I'm LaToya Z!

As a transformation coach, I have been helping clients all over the world, reignite and unleash their inner Goddess!

I work with women just like you, with different backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems; women who are really good at what they do; women who are successful at life, women who feel like they’ve not accomplished anything at all, women who’ve experienced the range of oppression, suppression, depression, and trauma, women who’ve tried other methods and are still not experiencing the kind of freedom and power that they know is possible.

I help them create Magic!


My Work of Heart for You

Where you integrate your next level SELF!

Work with LaToya
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Inner Power Coaching

The ULTIMATE 1:1 Coaching Experience for elevating your existence in purpose, power, and passion.  

  • 6 Months of complete deliciousness!

  • ​Deep diving into what will propel you forward

  • Unearthing your strengths, power, and specialties

  • Unearthing and strengthening your inner-knowing

  • Rediscovering your purpose and passions

  • Reconnecting to the core of your authority and securities

  • Developing your genuine happiness and peace

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Elevated Reiki Experience

Here, you will find a sacred, safe, and transformational space prepared specifically for you. 

90 minutes of 

  • Focus on you, your story, where you've been, where you are, and where you would like to go.

  • Space for unfolding, revelations, direction, answers

  • Energy shifting in your mind, body, and spirit

  • Tools, exercises, and practices to take with you for continued healing.

  • A renewed sense of peace, balance, grounding, and empowerment

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Transformational Speaking

LaToya is a dynamic, powerful, yet personal and interactive speaker that specializes in helping women believe in themselves again so they can conquer their impossibilities.

  • Empowerment and long-lasting inspiration on steroids!

  • LaToya's expertise includes: Manifesting Your Worth, Transitioning From Your Comfortable Life to Your Badass Life, and Healing from and Leveraging Your Past. 

Check out more from LaToya Z!
Testimonial Anchor
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"I wanted to get answers on my personal life as well as business life. After a session with LaToya, I felt like my questions of unknowing were answered and I was pointed in the right direction of being able to find the answers to questions still unknown. LaToya helped me find tapping methods to tune into myself as well."

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